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2014 International Studies Association Midwest Conference

The Central Slavic Conference is pleased to invite scholars of all disciplines working in Slavic, Eurasian, and East European studies to submit proposals for panels, individual papers, and roundtables at its annual meeting, to be held in conjunction with the 2014 International Studies Association Midwest Conference. Proposals for papers, panels, and roundtables for priority review and cross-listing with ISA-Midwest panels should be submitted by email to CSC President Dr. David Borgmeyer (dborgmey@slu.edu) no later than August 1, 2014.

"Georgia at the Crossroad" Conference

Baylor University will host an international symposium titled “Georgia at the Crossroad,” to be held on the Baylor campus 23-24 April 2015. Please check the link for the symposium website, where you may register, upload an abstract, and find other information and announcements about the symposium as the date draws nearer. Link: blogs.baylor.edu/georgiasymposium.

Alash Concert

The group, Alash, are Tuvan Throat Singers who perform will be performing at UChicago. This event will take place in Bond Chapel on Friday, May 16 at 7:30 PM. The event is free, with a $5 to $10 donation.

Yiddish Breakfast

Yiddish speakers of all levels are welcome to come enjoy breakfast together this Tuesday, May 20th from 9:00-10:15am in Cobb 500. Come for the chance to speak a little af yidish (in Yiddish). Cheat sheets with key vocab (e.g. Delicious. Yummy. A cup of strong coffee!) will be provided. Questions? E-mail Sunny Yudkoff at syudkoff@gmail.com.

Vovk Art Exhibition

Roman Vovk is an artist whose works reflect the unity between man and nature and man’s communion with nature. There will be an exhibition throughout May of Vovk's work at the Ukrainian National Museum (2249 W. Superior Street). The exhibit opens on Friday, May 16 at 7 PM and is sponsored by MB Financial. Admission on opening night is $10.

Film Screening: "Genghis Blues"

A showing of the film "Genghis Blues" will take place on Wednesday, May 14 at 7 PM in Pick 016. This event is sponsored by Central Asian Studies Society (CASS), the Center for International Studies (CIS), and the Central Eurasian Studies Committee (CESC). What follows is a description of the film: The Autonomous Republic of Tuva, wedged between Siberia and Mongolia, for centuries has been isolated from the rest of the world by jagged mountains and Soviet restrictions. Only recently have the Tuvan art form of throat singing become known to outsiders.

Kennan Institute Short-Term Grants

The Kennan Institute offers Short-Term Grants (up to one month's duration) to U.S. citizens whose research in the social sciences or humanities focuses on the former Soviet Union (excluding the Baltic States), and who demonstrate a particular need to utilize the library, archival, and other specialized resources of the Washington, D.C. area. Policy-relevant research is preferred. Academic participants must either possess a doctoral degree or be doctoral candidates who have nearly completed their dissertations.

Lecture: "Seeing Sochi"

This lecture by Professor William Nickell is titled "Seeing Sochi." It will take place on May 20 at 5 PM in Classics 110; it will be followed by an informal discussion with current students of Russian on their reactions to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. LIght refreshments will be provided. Those who require assistance to attend the event should contact Meredith Clason at mclason@uchicago.edu.

Camera Poetics of Soviet Cinema: A Two-Day Workshop on Soviet Cinematography

This workshop, titled "Camera Poetics of Soviet Cinema," will be dedicated to discussing developments in the visual style and camera poetics of Soviet cinematography from the post-war to post-Stalinist periods. One of the leading scholars on Soviet cinematography and camera poetics, Philip Cavendish, will be the special guest as we consider patterns of continuity and change in the visual style of postwar Soviet Cinema. On both days the workshop will begin with introductory comments, followed by a film screening and post-viewing discussion.

Armenian Circle - History Presentation

On Thursday, May 8, the Armenian Circle will be hosting a history presentation in Pick 218 about Tigran II (r. 95-55 BC), an Armenian King of Kings who established a short-lived empire in the middle of the first century BC. There will be food from Nile Restaurant. The event will run from 4:30-6:00 PM.


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