4/19 Film Screening: Wood Floaters

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday, April 19 7pm
Join CEERES for a Film screening and discussion with director Kirill Makarenkov
Cobb 307
5811 South Ellis Avenue

Kirill Makarenkov and his documentary  Плотогоны (English title: Wood Floaters). Плотогоны (also translated as ‘rafters’) are men employed in the transport of lumber from the outermost forests of Russia to the processing plants nearer to populated areas. While modern railways and roads have facilitated this process in much of Russia, the vastness of Russia leaves many inaccessible forests. Communities of Плотогоны have remained in these spaces and practice the same treacherous labor that they have practiced for generations. Logs are bound together and floated downriver, Плотогоны riding along with them. Makarenkov spent a year with these men, documenting the bawdiness and beauty; the manner in which particularly Russian ways-of-being continue. Makarenkov has been a lecturer at the Gerasivom Institute of Cinematography. Makarenkov’s movies are about the periphery of Russia; about the persistence of certain kinds of Russianness that traverse political transformations. Плотогоны was selected for Documenta Madrid film festival, Film Trazyt (Posnan, Poland) and ARTDOCFEST (Moscow). It also won the Laurel Branch for Best Cinematography in the National (Russian) Prime. It has never been screened in the US. Makarenkov has made five feature length films in his 10 year career, three of which are documentaries.