Call for Papers - "And After Yugoslavia, Yugoslavia! New Histories & New Approaches"

The last twenty years of scholarship on former Yugoslavia and its successor states have undergone significant shifts, not least of which has been the introduction of new theoretical positions and paradigms (Bakić-Hayden and Hayden, Wolff, Todorova). However, the vast majority of this new scholarship has struggled to escape the resurgence of nationalist quasi-historical narratives or the transformation(s) of the Cold War totalitarian historical paradigm into postsocialist “transitology.” The latter has served as the ideological correlate of neo-liberal reforms in Eastern Europe, providing interpretive frames (justifications) for the rise of the free market economy, electoral democracy, and the construction of “civil societies,” the three hallmarks of postsocialism. In this context, transitology has primarily focused on EU accession as the final conceptual and political frontier of these now liberalizing societies. In reality, the transition itself has been not into Europe proper but into a periphery of global capital (Shields). Moreover, in the wake of the global financial crisis, the Arab Spring and the radical “left turn” of Latin America, the “transitology” discourse has increasingly appeared vacuous, fetishized, a totem of a global order fundamentally premised on what David Harvey has called “accumulation through dispossession.” The submission deadline is November 30th. Submissions and questions should be sent to Marina Antić: