Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Franke Institute for Humanities

This evening’s events celebrate the newest film, Francofonia, by Alexander Sokurov. Dragan Kujundžić (University of Florida) will provide context and an introduction and present his filmed interview, entitled Cinemuse: Selfie with Sokurov. The evening will culminate with a screening of Francofonia.


FRANCOFONIA is the story of two remarkable men, Louvre director Jacques Jaujard and Nazi Occupation officer Count Franziskus Wolff-Metternich - enemies then collaborators - whose alliance would be the driving force behind the preservation of museum treasures. Francofonia explores the relationship between art and power, the Louvre museum as a living example of civilization, and what art tells us about ourselves even in the midst of one of the bloodiest conflicts the world has ever seen.



4:30 pm Introduction by Dragan Kujundžić (University of Florida)
5:00 pm Cinemuse: Selfie With Sokurov  (screening)
6:00 pm Francofonia (screening) 
Sponsored by The Franke Institute for the Humanities, CEERES, The Chicago Center for Jewish Studies, The Transnational Approaches to Modern Europe, and the Departments of Cinema and Media Studies and Comparative Literature. Persons with disabilities should contact CEERES in advance of the program at 773-702-0866 or