Funding for Study Abroad with SRAS

SRAS has recently redeveloped and expanded its lineup of grants and scholarships.


We now offer nearly everything under a single name: Challenge Grants. Each grant comes with a challenge and each student that enrolls in the program and meets the challenge gets funding. The challenges are focused to help students make the most of their time abroad via research, writing, travel, and more. Challenge Grants can be combined to maximize rewards.


Deadline to apply for spring Challenge Grants: Oct 15 (for most programs) (those currently starting summer programs with SRAS can apply by contacting me)

More about Challenge Grants:


SRAS also offers the Home and Abroad Scholars program, which packages study abroad, a $5000 per semester scholarship, and an intensive internship writing for SRAS's range of informational sites on topics as diverse as geopolitics and popular culture. We are looking for students who are serious about building their resumes abroad.


Deadline to apply for spring Home and Abroad openings: Oct 1


More about Home and Abroad Scholarships:

Any questions about these opportunities may be directed to Josh Wilson