Summer Internships-"Cosmopolitan" Novosibirsk and in the Altai Mountains

Educational Center "Cosmopolitan", Novosibirsk, Russia, is pleased to announce that we are still accepting applications for our best summer internship programs that we shall run in Novosibirsk and in the Altai area. Please inform your students and colleagues about these excellent opportunities that are not to be missed. Will you please forward to your students the message below:


We are delighted to invite you to participate in our language & creativity summer camp as an international intern teaching English to Russian children and supervising a creativity workshop from mid-June until early August, 2018. There are still some spaces available at each of the three summer sessions that will be located in the beautiful Altai area and in the delightful countryside just outside Novosibirsk.

These are just 7 great reasons why you should enroll in our summer camp internship program which will benefit you in more ways than one:

1. You can develop professional skills to take with you throughout your career.

Your work experience at our camp will help you develop many valuable skills such as flexibility and adaptability; teaching skills; social and cross-cultural skills; initiative, leadership and responsibility  – and so many more. The skills learned at the camp are perfect for adding to your CV or resume.


2. The Camp will build teamwork skills like no other.

Teamwork is essential to nearly every field, so these are skills you can reference later in life.


3. You learn how to be a role model.

At the camp, you will find that working with children is an extremely rewarding experience. Children will look up to you and see you as a role model and hero.


4. You get to work in an inspirational environment.

How many other work experiences will you have where you’re honing your skills in a beautiful setting, surrounded by nature? Also, the kids will inspire you as much as you inspire them, if not more. The children who come to our camps are not only incredibly intelligent but they are often very creative and talented.


5. You will make lifelong friends and have memories which will last a lifetime.

Everyone talks about the community at the camp, and that is because it is unlike anything you will experience at any other place. The friends made at the camp are amongst the closest you'll ever have. Camp may only last for a summer but the experiences you gain and share with your new best friends will last forever.


6. Want to improve your Russian?

Our camp offers you a great opportunity to improve the knowledge of your Russian language and a unique chance of practicing your language skills with native speakers due to carefully developed creative and social activities.


7. Internship fees are very reasonable.


Tours of Novosibirsk and trips to the beautiful Siberian towns of Tomsk, Irkutsk and to magnificent Lake Baikal will be organized between the camp sessions. Also, before or after the camp our participants may want to consider going to the world cup that Russia will host this summer.


We encourage you take advantage of this excellent opportunity and join our exciting, highly affordable, meaningful and safe summer internship program.

More information on the summer internship program is available at

Please feel free to contact the Director Natalia Bodrova at or with any questions and application inquiries.