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Beauty in Hell: Culture in the Gulag

Andrea Gullotta has written to me that the virtual exhibition “Beauty in Hell: Culture in the Gulag” is now online here.


Bulgarian Dialectology as Living Tradition

The site contains 181 samples of natural village speech, recorded by the authors of the site over the last quarter-century in 68 different Bulgarian villages. Each text is a well-formed chunk of discourse which not only illustrates salient features of the dialect but also conveys valuable information about traditional cultures. 

CEELBAS Language Repository

The Centre for East European Language-Based Area Studies (CEELBAS) Language Repository is an open-access digital resource for students of the languages of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. It currently covers 13 languages and houses almost 40 different sets of specially-designed language training materials, including materials for several languages where online resources are scarce. Currently the following languages are covered: Bulgarian; Croatian/Serbian; Czech; Estonian; Finnish; Georgian; Hungarian; Polish; Romanian; Russian; Slovak; Ukrainian.



Dostoevskii: Materialy i issledovaniia (Dostoyevsky: Materials and Research), vol. 1-20

The collection of the series “Dostoyevsky: Materials and Research” was conceived as a companion to the academic Complete Collected Works of F.M. Dostoyevsky and will be published in parallel to their publication. The series will include studies dealing with contemporary issues in Dostoyevsky scholarship, letters addressed to the writer, materials and documents addressing various aspects of his biography, commentaries to his works, bibliographic materials and surveys, and articles on the influence of Dostoyevsky on Russian and foreign literature from the late 19th to the 20th century.

Elementary Russian at

At you can find free online courses offered by numerous universities, including a course in Elementary Russian from the University of Saskatchewan. 


Elementary Russian at


FASTI_online provides a searchable database of archaeological excavations in Southeast Europe since the year 2000. It has excavation reports on sites in Bulgaria, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Albania. Fasti Online is a project of the International Association of Classical Archaeology (AIAC) and the Center for the Study of Ancient Italy of the University of Texas at Austin (CSAI).

Folkways Language Resources

Two of Folkways' language resources have been updated: 


Resources for Students of Russian, an extensive list of web and electronic resources, is now fully updated, with all links checked. 


Моя Россия, a glossed language blog that teaches Russian through discussions of modern demographics, politics, sociology, and culture. 

GeoHistory: Russian Identity

This month marked the centenary of the October Revolution. Much was written in the Western press about how Russia’s new identity and politics could be seen in how it chose to observe one of the 20th century’s most influential events. This month’s TV News in Russia from GeoHistory.Today looks at how Russian media covered not only the centenary, but also other major factors now forming Russia’s new identity: history, patriotism, Russia’s perceived place in the world, and how it defines the “other” (i.e., America).

Global Engagement at the University of Chicago

A resource for faculty, students, and staff on the University of Chicago's many international programs. Check out the story of the University of Chicago's global engagement with partners and potential partners around the world.

Havel Conversations Oral History Projects

The HAVEL CONVERSATIONS Oral History Project has filmed and posted online interviews with ten prominent U. S. politicians, academics, writers, and artists, including Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Timothy Snyder, and Suzanne Vega. The conversations present firsthand memories of Havel, his colleagues, and the historical events he inspired.