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Online Module on the Bosnian Genocide

An set of online resources on the Bosnian Genocide entitled "Violence Overload? Promoting Sensitivity to Human Suffering: The Case of Bosnia" is now available via UIUC's Russian, East European and Eurasian Center. The resources are the result of a 2011 workshop of the topic.


Online Module on the Bosnian Genocide

Polonicum: Center for Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners, University of Warsaw

The Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners “Polonicum” is the oldest centre of its kind in Poland. Throughout the entire academic year it organises various courses and workshops teaching the Polish language and culture to foreigners. Among the participants of those courses are students of the University of Warsaw and of other Warsaw institutions of higher education, as well as numerous foreigners interested in the language and culture of our country.

post: Notes on Modern and Contemporary Art Around the Globe

post is an online resource devoted to art and the history of modernism in a global context from The Museum of Modern Art. With a primary focus on modern and contemporary art outside North America and Western Europe, this website features contributions by individuals and institutions from around the world and makes behind-the-scenes research at MoMA available to a broader public.

Pulitzer Center Lesson Builder

The Lesson Builder is a digital tool and a supporting community of educators that makes creating and sharing lesson plans around Pulitzer Center reporting easy.

Russia Matters

Russia Matters is a Harvard-based project made possible by the Carnegie Corporation. Dedicated to U.S. policy toward Russia, U.S.-Russian relations and Russian policies that impact vital U.S. the website is a go-to resource for academics, journalists and government officials from around the world.


Russian Dialect Corpus: Ustja River Basin


The Ustya River Basin Corpus contains over 350 000 tokens of informant speech with new data being added continuously. It is based on interviews that were recorded during joint Russian-Swiss field trips in 2013 and 2014 with inhabitants of all age groups in the village Mixalevskaya of the Ustya region of Arxangelskaya Oblast and the neighboring villages Bestuževo, Plosskoe, Akičkin Počinok and Glubokoe.

Russian Language Learning Resource - Foreigncy

Foreigncy provides daily sets of digital flashcards and games that prepare intermediate to advanced learners to read a real-time news article in the critical language of their choice.

RussianCinema Wiki

This is a collaborative community website that anyone can edit. The site provides a listing of Russian films online that are non-pirated, legitimate Russian films online with English subtitles for pedagogical purposes. There are separate lists below of films available either for free or rent, from a range of websites such as Amazon Prime, MosFilm's YouTube Channel, and others.

Access the website here.


Sean's Russia Blog

Sean’s Russia Blog is a rich forum for discussion on cultural issues ranging from a conversation with Yuri Slezkine (The House of Government: A Saga of the Russian Revolution) and Maria Belodubrovskaya (Not According to Plan: Filmmaking under Stalin) to deaf culture (Claire Shaw) and internal colonization (Steve Sabol).

Slavic Humanities Index

The Slavic Humanities Index is a cover-to-cover indexing tool encompassing important scholarly and cultural periodicals in the humanities of Central, Eastern, and South-eastern Europe. This interdisciplinary index includes bibliographic citations of articles in history, philosophy, literature, linguistics, cultural, borderland, regional studies, ethnology, and library and archival sciences.


Slavic Humanities Index