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The Tolstoy Commons: A Companion Website to the Tolstoy Studies Journal

The Tolstoy Commons is an online community designed to foster conversations about the Russian author Lev Tolstoy and to serve as a clearinghouse for scholarly activity related to his life and works. We welcome announcements of new books, articles, reviews, and conferences, as well as discussions of new pedagogical approaches to teaching Tolstoy.  Suggestions for announcements may be sent to Ani Kokobobo at


The Tolstoy Commons is also working on two new initiatives:



The Slavic department at Stockholm university has developed a very efficient language learning tool, Wordalist:


Main features:

- Statistics driven practice engine: Wordalist gathers data and gets to know each individual user and presents questions the user needs to practice more often, and those the user knows better less often, thus optimizing user experience and learning efficiency. Data from all users is also used in the algorithm; Wordalist knows which questions are hard and which are not.

Working Group on Germany and Poland

The Working Group on Germany and Poland is a collection of scholars from varying disciplines whose work explores the interconnections between Germany and Poland. The Working Group is dedicated to:

Между нами: Free Online Russian Textbook

Между нами is a free, web-based textbook that provides a comprehensive introduction to Russian language and culture. It is organized around the experiences of four American students, each spending the academic year in a different Russian city. Their interactions with host families, roommates, fellow students and teachers create a universe of contextualized information that motivates the use of the target language in the classroom.