Summer Course: Czech language programme -- SUMMER FLAS PRAGUE

Czech language programme SUMMER FLAS PRAGUE

Course Details

The Czech language programme – SUMMER FLAS PRAGUE is an intensive  language course arranged exclusively for US undergraduate and graduate students who are in receipt of a summer fellowship from the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship programme.
The Czech language programme – SUMMER FLAS PRAGUE meets criteria set by U. S. Department for Education for approving overseas summer programmes.

Course Programme

The course contains 140 hours of language instruction on intermediate level. The required minimum knowledge of applicants is Novice High, best Intermediate Low of the American language framework ACTFL. You can see the exact language levels descriptions and you can test your language knowledge using Can do statements according to ACTFL. 

The course also offers non-language activities - some of them are part of the study programme - such as orientation, Prague city walks, library excursions, film screening.
Other extra – curricular cultural / social events are optional and their costs are not included in the price of the course (exhibitions, theatre or music performances).
We also offer outside Prague weekend trips.

The course focuses on practical as well as academic language and communication. We strike a balance between spoken and written communication, as well as between reading and listening skills, without overlooking grammar. It corresponds to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages as well as to American Language Framework ACTFL. Individual student support is an integral part of the programme, as well as consulting students´projects and their presentation.

Summer FLAS Prague

Course Certificates

All course participants receive a certificate of participation and successful completion of the course. The certificates are issued by the Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies, Charles University.

Any interested participants have the option of taking a Czech Language Certificate Examination, we also offer a preparatory course for this exam. The cost of the certified exam and the preparatory course is not included in the cost of the course; however participants of the Czech language programme SUMMER FLAS PRAGUE can enrol at a discounted price.

Enrolment Instructions

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Application deadline 30.06.2022
Course duration

 4. 7. - 12. 8. 2022


1 700 EUR

Number of lessons per week

140 contact hours


ÚJOP UK Praha-Voršilská in the centre of Prague


Payment instructions

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Course guarantor: Šárka Vašíčková

Phone: +420 777 970 192

Czech Language Programme SUMMER FLAS Prague
Vratislavova 29/10
128 00 Praha 2
Czech Republic