10/27 Oddsockeaters Film Screening and Puppetry Workshop

Saturday, October 27, 2018

On the afternoon Saturday, October 27, join us for a screening and puppetry workshop, focused on the Czech children's film Oddsockeaters!


ABOUT THE FILM: Oddsockeaters
Film screening (in English) | 1:00 pm
Did you ever wonder where your missing socks go? The Oddsockeaters eat them. Their mantra is “Never take the entire pair,” leaving behind piles of odd socks. Only about a foot and a half large, these thieving creatures inhabit every household. Set in contemporary Prague, this adventure revolves around a small brave hero named Hugo who cares for his ailing grandfather. Following his passing, he moves in with his gangster uncle and two cousins feuding with a rival gang. Hugo draws courage from his grandfather’s teachings of love, family, and morality. This heart-warming story centers on a small Oddsockeater in a big world.  The film is recommended for ages 7 and up. (Galina Miklínová, dubbed into English, 83 minutes)


ABOUT THE WORKSHOP:  Make Your Own Oddsockeater!
Led by Illustrator and film director Galina Miklínová | 3:00 pm
Children can make their own oddsockeater that will come complete with a birth certificate. Although socks and supplies will be provided, children are encouraged to bring their own odd socks and other favorite bits of decoration such as buttons and ribbons.


Register for the workshop at:
Please note, due to the limitation on space capacity for the workshop, each child must be accompanied by only one adult.  When registering, adults will register for one ticket which will include entry for one child to enter the workshop. If you have more than one child that would like to attend the workshop, you would have to fill out the online form again for another ticket under your name.


Location: Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts Screening Room, 915 E 60th Street