11/1 Persian Circle: Parvaneh Hosseini on "Collective Memory and Identity Construction in Persian Novels by Bahai'i Authors"

Dear friends and colleagues, please join us on Thursday for a Persian Circle featuring Parvaneh Hosseini (The University of Arizona, School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies), who will be giving a talk in Persian entitled:


Collective Memory and Identity Construction in Persian Novels Written by Bahai'i Authors: A Comparative Analysis of the Novels: “Memories of Utab” and “The Cradle of the Beast”


Thursday 1st November, 5-6.30pm, Pick Hall 218

(5828 S. University Ave, Chicago, IL 60637)


Parvaneh Hosseini is a PhD candidate in Middle Eastern and North African Studies with a minor in Anthropology at the University of Arizona. Her interests include politics of body, identity, and literature. She published “The Extension of Collective Identity: A Comparative Analysis of I’ll Turn Off the Lights and Savushun" in Rahak in 2016 and “Transformation of the Meaning of Hijab in Islamic Fashion” in Ghalamrow in 2018. She has co-translated the novel There is no Fish in Gamasiyab by Hamed Esmaelion from Persian to English. Parvaneh Hosseini is also a social justice advocator. When she was in Iran she taught at Tehran University, Al-Zahra University and Bahaii University. She has been teaching Persian and Middle Eastern Humanities at the University of Arizona and the University of Wisconsin for almost 8 years. She teaches at Worcester State University at present.