2/14 Persecution and Surveillance in East Turkestan

Persecution and Surveillance in East Turkestan: A conversation with Prime Minister in Exile Anwar Yusuf on the Uyghur situation in China


Thursday, February 14, 12:15 PM


UChicago Law School, 1111 E 60th St, Room III


International and human rights organizations have revealed that around 1 million Uyghurs from the Xinjiang province in China have been rounded up and detained. In these “re-education camps,” Uyghurs have reportedly been forced to renounce all ties to Islam in order for cultural, religious, and political indoctrination to take place. There have been accounts of physical and psychological torture, as well as accounts of entire families “disappearing.” Join the Muslim Law Students Association for a discussion of Uyghurs under China’s methodical campaign of cultural, religious, and ethnic erasure. We will be joined by Mr. Anwar Yusuf, Uyghur Freedom Fighter.