2/20 Webinar - The Movement toward Transformation in Education: What It Offers Russian Language Teachers

The Movement toward Transformation in Education:
What It Offers Russian Language Teachers
Tuesday, February 20, 5:00-6:30PM EST

In the foreign language field, we have experienced two educational philosophies that have driven our teaching methods: the older Transmission philosophy (grammar-translation, audio-lingual) and a newer Transaction philosophy (communicative approaches, task-based instruction). For the past two decades, the general education field, very recently joined by a few adventurous foreign language teachers, has begun to embrace Transformational philosophy (coming from the work of Vygotsky and Rogers).

This presentation will focus on what transformation looks like, some aspects of which are already evident in many L2 classrooms (project-based instruction, flipped classrooms) and those that are likely very new (formative assessment, teaching the overt and the hidden classroom, student contracts, transformative grading, and cultural reframing, among others). The assumption will be that this is mostly new information for participants, but in the Q&A, we can take s deep a dive into the particulars as any participant wishes.

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About the presenter:
Betty Lou Leaver (PhD, Pushkin Institute) retired last month as Provost of the Defense Language Institute and is now working as the Executive editor of MSI Press and as an international educational consultant. Previously, she served as chief academic officer of the Jordan (and Bahrain) branches of the New York Institute of Technology, director of Russian language programs at NASA and US Department of State, and founded the Coalition of Distinguished Language Centers (focused on developing near-native proficiency), Center for the Advancement of Distinguished Language Proficiency (San Diego State University), Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region (Indiana University) and the American Global Studies Institute. She is currently editing a book with Dr. Dan Davidson on Transformative Approaches to Learning and Teaching.

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