2/28 Polish Film Series: Demon

Please join us for a screening of Demon (Marcin Wrona, 2015)


A Polish-Israeli co-production, Marcin Wrona's third film is an atmospheric off-horror and a low-key comedy of manners, in which the haunted mansion story line allows different narratives surrounding memory, responsibility and Polish-Jewish relations to converse.


Peter, an amorous migrant from London with unclear roots and broken Polish, is to marry his fiancée Żaneta at her family estate in the Polish countryside. He chances upon a skeleton in the ground the night before the wedding, and then acts stranger and stranger as the wedding party unfolds.


The film is based on the play Adherence by Piotr Rowicki, which in turn takes much of its substance from Sholem Ansky's classic 1917 Yiddish play of haunting spirits The Dybbuk, and combines it with the pregnant, nation-building trope of the Polish wedding party – with roots in Polish romanticism and Stanisław Wyspiański's 1902 play The Wedding, brought back into popular imagination by cult-director Wojciech Smarzewski's 2004 The Wedding. The film is a quiet, multilayered meeting of narratives of haunting, covenants and the im/possibility of reconciliation sown together into a horror film frock, making for an unusual piece of cinema.


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New York Times review: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/09/movies/demon-review.html


Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgVzqrydkK4


Thursday 2/28 4:30pm, SHFE 102