2/8 Taner Akçam Lecture: "Krikor Guerguerian Archive and New Evidence on Armenian Genocide"

Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the Armenian Circle at the University of Chicago present:


Krikor Guerguerian Archive and New Evidence on Armenian Genocide

By Prof. Taner Akçam

Department of History, Clark University


A unique feature of the Armenian Genocide has been the long-standing efforts of successive Turkish governments to deny its historicity and to hide the documentary evidence surrounding it. Taner Akçam, with his new online Krikor Guerguerian Archive brings to light documents either hidden or destroyed by the Turkish government that contain the killing orders, as well as demonstrates the authenticity of these orders, which had been signed by high ranking Union and Progress Party members. As such, this archive removes a cornerstone from the denialist edifice as a groundbreaking discovery for the study of Armenian Genocide, and will contribute enormously to the fight for its recognition.


Friday, February 8 at 4:30 pm

Pick Lounge (5828 S. University Ave, Chicago)


Reception to follow

For assistance please contact Dr. Hripsime Haroutunian: hharoutu@uchicago.edu