5/22 Ethnographic Documentary Film Night with Maple Razsa

Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Ethnographic Documentary Film Night presents:

The Maribor Uprisings: A Live Participatory Documentary


Maple J. Razsa (Director & Associate Professor, Global Studies Program, Colby College)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 • 6:30pm • Haskell Hall 315 (5836 S Greenwood Ave) • Free and open to the public



Twice the people went into the streets. Twice the police drove them away. What began as protests became uprisings. In the once-prosperous industrial city of Maribor, Slovenia, anger over political corruption became unruly revolt. This participatory documentary places audiences in the midst of the third and largest uprising as crowds surround and ransack City Hall under a hailstorm of tear gas canisters. Soon the mayor will resign—and the movement will spread to cities across the country. This live participatory documentary invites audiences to grapple with the intimate as well as the public meanings of protest through reflection on the choices of actual participants in the uprising—as well as the choices they themselves make during the screening.


How are citizens’ senses of themselves changed by experiences of state force: tear gas, stun grenades, armored vehicles, water cannons, and helicopters? Is this what one protester described as ‘feeling the state on your own skin?’ In these violent encounters, why do so many protesters feel ‘love at the barricades?’ What are the perils—and the possibilities—of these increasingly common eruptions in urban life?


More information available at mariboruprisings.org.


Maple's earlier films Occupation: A Film about the Harvard Living Wage Sit-In and Bastards of Utopia are also available to watch online.


Presented by the Anthropology Students Association’s Ethnographic Documentary Film Night, UChicago Urban, Undergraduate Program for Global Studies, Seminary Co-Op, UChicago Grad, CEERES, CSRPC, and 3CT.



Maple J. Razsa is Associate Professor and Director of Global Studies at Colby College. He is committed to using text, images, and sound to embody the lived experience, as well as the political imaginations of contemporary social movements. Trained as a filmmaker and anthropologist at Harvard University, Maple has conducted fieldwork with alterglobalization protesters, anarchist-punk squatters, migrant-labor organizers, video activists, and, most recently, opponents and transgressors of the European border regime. His films—including The Maribor Uprisings, Occupation: A Film About the Harvard Living Wage Sit-In, and Bastards of Utopia—have shown in festivals around the world. The Society for Visual Anthropology named Uprisings the Best Feature Film of 2017. Maple has held appointments at Stockholm and Harvard Universities, Amherst College, and fellowships from IREX, NSF, Wenner-Gren, ACLS, Fulbright and Truman Foundations. His current research project is Insurgent Mobilities (in collaboration with Nadia El-Shaarawi), an ethnography of refugee and activist struggles to enact freedom of movement in Europe.


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