5/29 Film Screening and Discussion: Leo Tolstoy and Dziga Vertov

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Join CEERES on 5/29 at 6PM for a film screening and discussion of Galina Evtushenko's film:

Leo Tolstoy and Dziga Vertov: a Double Portrait in the Interior of the Age

2015, doc. 57’, “Rose” Film Studio, English, German subtitles
Script Victor Listov, Galina Evtushenko
Directors Galina Evtushenko, Anna Evtushenko
Producer Galina Evtushenko
Voice Valeriy Barinov

In 1910, when Leo Tolstoy died, Dziga Vertov was an unknown 14-year-old boy from Byalistok. Tolstoy couldn’t be aware of either the name, or the films made by Vertov, who developed the concept of a documentary as high art. The film was made as a parallel movement of artistic motivations, outlooks on life and biographies of the two artists. Vertov in his best films, such as “Kino-Glaz”, “The Donbass Symphony”, “A Man with a Movie-Camera”, etc., followed the basic aesthetic principles of Leo Tolstoy and brought the traditions of the Russian classical literature to the screen. One of the key episodes of the film was based on the unique footage of the Moscow Agricultural Exhibition, which took place in 1923 made by Vertov. Basically,  revealed the unity of the intensions and efforts of the writer and the film director. And the narration of the film is made from the point of view of Alexander Lemberg, an old camera-man and a close friend of  Dziga Vertov. The image of  Lemberg reconstructed in the film can’t leave the audience indifferent.

Director Biography:

Prof. Galina Evtushenko is a director and producer of documentary and feature films. Born and educated in Voronezh, Russia, she graduated from Voronezh State University in philology and went on to complete her Ph.D. at the renowned All–Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIC) in Moscow. She also took and completed additional advanced courses for scriptwriters and directors.
As a filmmaker and scholar Evtushenko has participated in a number of international film festivals – in Greece, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, India, the USA, Canada, Brasil, and Israel, sometimes serving as a member of the jury at these festivals. She has also taken part in international forums and workshops in Munich, Ebeltoft, New York, and Jerusalem.
Evtushenko is a member of the Russian Filmmaker’s Union, the Theatrical Union, and the International ICOM. She is currently a Professor at the Russian State University for the Humanities, where she has worked for more than 15 years, but since February is in the United States as a Fulbright Scholar in the Documentary Studies Program in the Department of History at the University at  Albany, State University of New York.

Harris Auditorium
Room 142
1155 E. 60th Street

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This Event is Free and Open to the Public