5/3 Yiddish Tish

Yiddish Tish

University of Chicago, Classics Building, 1010 E. 59th Street, Room 113

12:30 p.m.


Yiddish speakers of all levels are invited to the weekly Yiddish Tish. As is the tradition, we’ll meet every week of the quarter to chat, schmooze, drink a little coffee, and enjoy speaking Yiddish for an hour. The Tish will take place every Thursday at 12:30 pm in Classics 113. For more information, email Mendel Kranz (mkranz@uchicago.edu) or Corbin Allardice (corbina@uchicago.edu). The Yiddish Tish is also committed to having a fully accessible workshop. For any questions or concerns about accessibility, please contact Ingrid Sagor at isagor@uchicago.edu.