5/30 Armenian Circle with Pietro Shakarian (Ohio State)

Dear Friends of the Armenian Circle,


This Thursday at 4:45 pm in Pick Hall we will have the final Armenian Circle of the quarter, with a talk by Pietro Shakarian titled "Détente in the Western Reserve: Cyrus Eaton, Anastas Mikoyan, and the Visit That Rocked Cleveland, 1959"


Here is a brief description:


In the 1950s, the United States and the Soviet Union were in the depths of the Cold War.  The two nuclear superpowers stood toe-to-toe in a cataclysmic arms race.  Domestically, communism was Public Enemy No. 1 in America.  For their part, the Soviets did not perceive capitalism to be much better.  Amid this period of high tension, the midwestern American state of Ohio became the scene for one of the decade’s most significant exchanges between East and West.  60 years ago, in January 1959, residents of the Lake Erie metropolis of Cleveland greeted Soviet Vice-Premier Anastas Mikoyan as he arrived in the city.  The mustachioed Armenian was scheduled to meet with Canadian-born Cleveland industrialist Cyrus Eaton.  At first glance, Eaton, once an apprentice of John D. Rockefeller, and Mikoyan, once a Bolshevik revolutionary in Baku, seemed to be curious bedfellows.  However, putting aside their ideological differences, both men had a strong interest in pursuing dialogue and détente in order to avert nuclear disaster.  This study examines this little-known, yet remarkable, episode in the history of the Cold War. 


We will have pizza!