5/6 Poland Constitutional Crisis POLISH LANGUAGE talk

Since 2015, a constitutional crises has been unfolding in Poland. After gaining a parliamentary majority in the 2015 elections, the ruling Law and Justice party, PiS, began implementing its far-reaching program of judicial reform. What started as a reshuffle and reorganization of the Constitutional Tribunal is now threatening judicial independence and the basic principles upholding rule of law in Poland. These threats include proposed judicial reforms aimed at “flattening” the structure of the judiciary and accelerating disciplinary action towards justices, potentially leading to hundreds of judges losing their jobs. 

The goal of this conference is to explore the effectiveness of different responses to instances where constitutions are in jeopardy, particularly when the courts themselves (and their independence) are the targets of executive encroachment. 

This is a POLISH LANGUAGE presentation by Marta Derlatka, PhD. Derlatka runs a private law practice in Poland where she specializes in constitutional law (including constitutional complaints, applications to the European Court of Human Rights, complaints to the Commissioner for Human Rights, and citizens’ initiatives), administrative law, labor and employment law, and law of cooperatives. Since 2000 she has worked at the Constitutional Tribunal as Representative of the Commissioner for Human Rights, and since 2002 has been a member of the academic staff of the Department of Constitutional Law at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.