Albanian Linguistics Workshop

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The Albanian Linguistics Workshop was the inspiration of Dr. Kelly Maynard, a visiting lecturer in the Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures who taught Structure of Albanian during winter quarter. 2009. She saw this as an opportunity to introduce what might be the next generation of Albanian linguists to some established scholars in the field.


The workshop included presentations by Dr. Maynard's University of Chicago students; graduate students under Brian Joseph at The Ohio State University; and scholars from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, The Ohio State University, the College of St. Elizabeth, and The University of Chicago. The day culminated in a presentation by the preeminent scholar of Albanian in the United States, our own Eric Pratt Hamp, Robert Maynard Hutchins Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in the Departments of Linguistics, Slavic Languages & Literatures, and Psychology (Cognition & Communication). This was the largest gathering of Albanian scholars in the U.S. in the past several years. As such the intellectual impact for scholars involved was great. It allowed for the presentation and discussion of ideas by and to people who really know the field and could offer suggestions and refinements on the issues. This was good not only for the younger scholars but also the more advanced as they shared new data and insights. Since the event was recorded the participants and others can continue to benefit by listening and replaying the comments.


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