Apparatus - New Journal on Media Research of Central and Eastern Europe

The editorial team of the international research journal APPARATUS is pleased to announce its launch and the release of its first issue.


APPARATUS is a peer-reviewed online journal focused on film, media and digital cultures in Central and Eastern Europe. The main aim of the editorial team is to keep abreast with the practice of the leading international research periodicals.

Our basic editorial principles are:


the journal is freely available online ensuring maximum accessibility and international dissemination of journal content

all articles undergo a double blind peer review process

The novelty of the journal consists in its MULTI-LINGUAL CONTENT articles and reviews are published in different languages, including those used in the regions the journal focuses on, as well as in its MULTIMEDIA FORMAT the electronic publication allows contributors to insert not only figures and links, but also audio- and video-files directly within texts.


APPARATUS is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and hosted by the Free University of Berlin. Long-term storage of published materials is ensured by the German National Library.


The initiator and chief-editor of the journal is Dr. Natascha Drubek. The international Editorial Board includes leading scholars, archivists, curators and artists in the field of media research of Central and Eastern Europe. Apparatus accepts both unsolicited and solicited submissions. The journal is published twice a year either as an open call issue or a special issue.


You can find out more about the content of the site in English, German or Russian, read the first issue and submit applications on:


No 1 (2015). Table of Contents


Apparatus: Introduction

Natascha Drubek, Anke Hennig, Irina Sandomirskaja (in German)




Propaganda in Motion. Dziga Vertov`s and Aleksandr Medvedkin`s Film Trains and Agit Steamers of the 1920s and 1930s

Adelheid Heftberger (in English)


"Apparatus" or "Dispositif"? Notes on the Cinematic Production of Image and Subject

Ol'ha Briukhovets'ka (in Ukrainian)


Games on Morel’s Hill and Kievy Gorki: On the Social Formattings of the Individual in the Work of KwieKulik and the Collective Actions Group

Inke Arns (in English)


Pussy Riot as the Trickstar

Mark Lipovetsky (in English)





Philip Cavendish: The Men with the Movie Camera. The Poetics of Visual Style in Soviet Avant-Garde Cinema of the 1920s (in English)

Mario Slugan


Tanja Zimmermann: Der Balkan zwischen Ost und West. Mediale Bilder und kulturpolitische Prägungen

Rastislava Mirković (in English)


Evgenii Margolit: Zhivye i mёrtvoe. Zametki k istorii sovetskogo kino 1920-1960kh

Anna Karpusheva


Anke Hennig: Sowjetische Kinodramaturgien. Konfliktlinien zwischen Literatur und Film in der Sowjetunion

Christian Pischel (in German)


The 19th Festival of Archival Cinema Belye Stolby 2015

Georgii Borodin (in Russian)



 Photo: Mikhail Kaufman mounting a camera on a train, 1929 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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