ARISC Collaborative Heritage Management (CHM) in Armenia Grant, American Research Institute of the South Caucasus

The American Research Institute of the South Caucasus invites proposals from collaborative teams in support of the preservation and conservation of the Republic of Armenia’s archaeological and historical heritage.  This ARISC program, generously funded by Project Discovery!, seeks to foster joint work between American and Armenian scholars and institutions dedicated to the proper curation and preservation of heritage materials such as artifacts, sites, and manuscripts.  Successful applications will demonstrate substantive collaborations that not only contribute to heritage conservation but also demonstrate efforts to build capacity and enhance local knowledge of current techniques and approaches to heritage management.  These grants require active participation of both American and Armenian principal investigators in all aspects of the collaborative project.



Examples of potential projects include:

Restoration of threatened archaeological remains

Stabilization of historical resources

Long-term protection for archaeological sites or historical monuments

Curation and permanent exhibition of heritage materials

Cataloging and recording of collections

Digitization of heritage materials for wider public access

Enhancement of conservation lab facilities

Advanced training for specialists



Given the level of funding, these awards can also be used as seed grants to demonstrate the feasibility of a pilot program and/or in concert with funds from parallel sources.



Grantees will be required to either give a talk or run a workshop pertinent to the subject of the grant while in Armenia.



Past Awards


Dr. Diana Ter-Ghazaryan (University of Miami) and Sarhat Petrosyan (Urbanlab Yerevan): Other Yerevan: A Virtual Museum of Yerevan’s Cultural Heritage



Dr. Miriam Belmaker (University of Tulsa, USA) and Dr. Ruzan Mkrtchyan (Yerevan State University): Storage and Preservation of the Bioarchaeological Collections at the Yerevan State University.


Dr. Alexia Smith (University of Connecticut, USA) and Dr. Ivan Gabrielyan (Institute of Botany, Armenia): Establishing a Botanical Reference Collection for Archaeobotanical Studies in Armenia.



Lyssa Stapleton (University of California, Los Angeles, USA) and Dr. Pavel Avetisyan (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia): Long-Term Preservation of Artifacts from the Site of Areni-1, Armenia.



To learn more about the ARISC CHM grant, please visit the American Research Institute of the South Caucasus website.



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