ARISC Graduate Fellowships, American Research Institute of the South Caucasus

The American Research Institute of the South Caucasus (ARISC) announces the availability of US graduate fellowships in support of research in the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and/or Georgia).  Awards will be made for a maximum of $1500 each.  Projects in all fields in the social sciences, humanities and related sciences are eligible. Proposals will be judged on their quality and on the potential of the research to strengthen scholarship on the South Caucasus. The purpose of the fellowship is to help cover travel and/or living expenses in the South Caucasus. During his/her stay in the South Caucasus, the fellow is expected to give an ARISC-sponsored presentation on a subject related to his/her research. The fellow will acknowledge ARISC in any publication that emerges from the research carried out during the fellowship.



Past Awards


Nathaniel Erb-Satullo (Harvard University): Metals, Mining and Movement: Landscape Archaeology in Kvemo Kartli, Georgia

Lara Fabian (University of Pennsylvania): Between East and West in Transcaucasia: Regional Perspectives on the Roman-Parthian Borderland

Susannah Fishman (University of Pennsylvania): Ceramic Entanglements at the Urartian Periphery: Technological Analysis in Naxçıvan, Azerbaijan



Hannah Chazin (University of Chicago): The Politics of Pasture: The Political Economy of Herding in the Late Bronze Age.

Hannah Lau (University of California, Los Angeles): Feasting and Emergent Political Complexity in the Late Neolithic Ancient Near East: Evidence from Kamiltepe.

Jesse Quinn (University of Arizona): Forests, State and Territory in the Republic of Georgia.



Emily Hammer (Harvard University): Archaeological Landscapes of Highland and Steppe Zones in Northwestern Naxcivan, Azerbaijan.

Caitlin Ryan (University of Colorado Boulder): State Formation and Property Relations in Georgia: A Case Study of IDP Housing.

Beverly Schmidt (University of Connecticut): Middle Paleolithic Lithic Technology and Behavior in the Hrazdan River Gorge, Armenia.



Eli Feiman (Brown University): Cohesion, Coercion, and Compromise: Parties of Power in the South Caucasus, 1988-Present.

Melissa Gayan (Emory University): The Forgotten Revolt: The 1956 Pro-Stalinist Protests in Soviet Georgia and its Cold-War Implications.

Tamrika Khvtisiashvili (University of Utah): Documentation of Khinalug.



Megan Dean (Stanford University): Neither Empire Nor Nation: Networks of Trade in the Caucasus, 1750-1925.

Aimee Dobbs (Indiana University – Bloomington): Negotiating Public Schools for Muslims among Russian Imperial Bureaucrats, Local Administrators, and Azerbaijani elites, 1862-1890.

Sarah Garding (University of California, Berkeley): Courting the Nation Abroad: Diaspora Policies in Postcommunist Armenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Ukraine.



To learn more about the ARISC Graduate Fellowship, please visit the American Research Institute of the South Caucasus website.


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