Big Ten Academic Alliance Smithsonian Fellowship

The Big Ten Academic Alliance Smithsonian Fellowship is open until December 1, 2017. This program provides one-year fellowships to doctoral students to support research at Smithsonian Institution facilities. Students must have completed all coursework for their program, be admitted into doctoral candidacy, and completed all requirements except for completion of the dissertation. Fellowships carry a stipend of $32,700, which is paid by the Smithsonian Institution and the fellow’s home institution.



The Big Ten Academic Alliance universities share the Smithsonian’s goals and commitments.  Through collaboration, member universities build upon the strengths, assets and expertise of each member university, connecting scholars with resources and opportunities and exploring ways to promote greater strategic engagement across the spectrum of the research enterprise.
The goal of the program is to identify current students from Big Ten Academic Alliance universities who have been admitted into doctoral candidacy and satisfied all requirements except completion of dissertation. These doctoral candidates find appropriate advisers at the Smithsonian to conduct research and scholarship that will further the development of their respective theses.


Program Description
Big Ten Academic Alliance Smithsonian Institution Fellows conduct independent study and research related to Smithsonian collections, experts, or facilities in cooperation with at least one Smithsonian advisor.
Stipend, Allowances and Health Insurance:
The Big Ten Academic Alliance Smithsonian Fellowship stipend is $32,700 annually. Fellowship stipends are not salary or compensation. They are meant to support study and research during the tenure of the appointment and cannot be issued retroactively. The fellow’s University pays one-half (50%) of the cost of support of the fellow’s stipend. The Smithsonian pays the other one-half (50%).
A one-time travel/relocation allowance may be offered to the fellow (funds are not provided for the travel/relocation of a Fellow’s dependents).
A research allowance of up to $4,000 may be offered. Research allowances defray costs related to materials and travel to attend conferences needed for the fellow to complete research while in residence at the Smithsonian. All fellow applicants who anticipate a need for a research allowance should include a research budget and justification with their application. The research allowance should not include costs for one-time relocation to the Smithsonian which is awarded separately. All materials purchased with the research allowance are the property of the Big Ten Academic Alliance.
Fellows will receive health insurance in accordance with university plans. As part of the Smithsonian contribution, the Smithsonian will provide an allowance for the Fellow to maintain university health insurance. The allowance will provide $600/year (or an amount pro-rated accordingly) for the cost of university health insurance
The Smithsonian’s contributions to each Fellow’s stipend, allowances and health insurance will be transferred to each Fellow’s university after that university submits an invoice to the Smithsonian for the Smithsonian’s portion of costs.
The Big Ten Academic Alliance universities will administer all the fellowship funds withholding taxes when required in accordance with their practices for fellowship awards. The university shall maintain full and accurate financial records relating to Big Ten Academic Alliance Smithsonian Fellowship payments.


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