Call for Papers: VII Annual International Conference, Center for Economic Research, St. Petersburg State University

VII Annual International Conference
Center for Economic Research of St. Petersburg State University
Economy. Literature. Language
4-6 June 2018


The conference is expected to discuss the following issues: Economics as rhetoric.


The development of philosophy, literary criticism and sociology pushed economists to recognize the role and significance of language. Recognition of the literary language of the language of economic texts has attracted additional attention to rhetoric, hermeneutics, discursive analysis and the search for real ways of persuasion through the use of metaphors and other tropes. The language of the text, which is figurative, is open to multiple interpretations and is woven from quotations and references, became more interested in researchers. In parallel with the recognition of the importance of rhetoric and conversation in economic knowledge, it was realized that the very real economy itself is rhetorical and immersed in language, that the ability to exchange is one of the consequences of the gift of human speech. Thus, the very subject of comprehension of economists is discursively complex, diverse and polyphonic. In this connection it is planned to discuss such topics as:


● Economic text: interpretation and deconstruction

● Rhetoric of individual directions of economic thought and individual authors
● Economic knowledge and the mechanism of functioning of the scientific community (including the role of indices, editors and grantors)
● Metaphors, narratives and metanarratives in the economy
● Economy languages: diversity, specifics, the problem of translation
● Economic theory as a metalanguage.


It is necessary to try to look at literature as a socio-economic institution, presenting the relations of writers and publishers both from the point of view of the history of asserting copyright law and through the prism of affirming the "spirit of capitalism" in the literary process, especially in connection with the development of journalism, intellectual press, the emergence of major European publishing empires. It is not so much about the history of the rise and fall of writers' fees, but rather about the analysis of the influence of economic considerations on the authenticity of literary experience, the value of which is questioned or simply devalued with the capitalization of literature itself. Thus, within the framework of this area of ​​the general theme of the conference, the following problems that can be explored and discussed can be singled out:


● Writers and publishers

● Copyright issues in the writer's behavior
● Comparative history of royalties
● Financial background in print and electronic media
● The value of literature as an experience and the value of writing work.


Economists, anthropologists, historians, linguists, literary critics, sociologists, philosophers, as well as publishers, writers, critics are invited to participate in the conference.


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