Central Eurasian Studies Summer Institute (CESSI), UW-Madison

CESSI at the University of Wisconsin-Madison


The Central Eurasian Studies Summer Institute (CESSI) offers intensive Central Eurasian language courses alongside a cultural enhancement program which introduces students to the rich world of Central Eurasian history and culture. The Center for Russia, East Europe and Central Asia (CREECA) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison hosts CESSI in the summers.


CESSI offers instruction in first- and second-year Kazakh,Tajik, Uyghur, and Uzbek. Scheduling of classes is contingent upon sufficient enrollment. Please apply to CESSI as early as possible to help ensure that your class will be offered. Other Central Eurasian languages may be added to this list if there is enough interest. Please contact the CESSI program coordinator if you are interested in studying a language not listed above.


The CESSI consortium is comprised of international and area studies centers at major U.S. universities working together to provide high-quality instruction in the languages and cultures of Central Eurasia.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison is an international leader in foreign language instruction. CESSI is but one of several summer language institutes hosted by UW-Madison. For information on other summer language offerings and institutes on our campus, please visit the UW-Madison Language Institute's site: click here


For further information about CESSI, please contact Nancy Heingartner, CESSI program coordinator, at cessi@creeca.wisc.edu or 1-608-262-3379.


For more information about the Language Institute, please visit its website: http://www.languageinstitute.wisc.edu/index.html


For additional information about this summer language program, please visit CESSI's website: http://creeca.wisc.edu/cessi/