CFP and Launch Announcement: Languages of the Caucasus; applications accepted Jan. 15 to mid-Nov. 2015

We are pleased to announce a new linguistics journal: Languages of the Caucasus


an open-source, free, peer-reviewed electronic journal that will publish high-quality linguistic research on languages of the Caucasus.



Submissions are welcome beginning Jan. 15.  See  the journal website: (The website is in near-final form now.  Check back for the final version before submitting.)



The first issue (1.1) will be a memorial volume for Aleksandr Kibrik and Sandro Kodzasov, founders of an illustrious tradition of fieldwork and analysis of languages of the Caucasus and intellectual inspiration to Caucasianists and typologists everywhere.



We will use a volume and issue number system for ease of bibliographical reference, but papers will be published as soon as they are accepted and received in final form.  Articles for the memorial issue can be submitted at any time from Jan. 15 to about mid-November 2015 (leaving time for review, acceptance, and editing during 2015).  Articles not for the memorial issue will appear in Vol. 1.2 if received in time for review and acceptance during 2015.  (That is, the memorial and plain issues of Vol. 1 will run simultaneously.)



Of course, if you have first-rate typological work dealing with languages of the Caucasus, you want to submit it to Linguistic Typology.  We're not in competition :)



The journal is published by eScholarship, an open access publishing platform within the California Digital Library initiative (



The editors:

Marina Chumakina, University of Surrey

Michael Daniel, Higher School of Economics and Moscow State University

Alice C. Harris, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Timur Maisak, Institute of Linguistics, Moscow

Johanna Nichols, University of California, Berkeley (current managing editor)

Yakov Testelets, Humanities University, Moscow

Kevin Tuite, Université de Montréal and University of Jena