CFP: CAS Memory and Trauma Workshop

From the Memory and Trauma Workshop:


Dear Colleagues,

We are organizing a CAS workshop starting next year that focuses on memory and trauma. The Memory and Trauma Workshop will gather a number of scholars from a wide range of disciplines working on these topics from different angles.


The workshop seeks to bring together those researching, among other topics: representation of witnessing, memory and trauma in different artistic media (literature, film, visual arts, performance arts); the symptomology of trauma (melancholy, nostalgia, PTSD); memorial and commemorative practices from different perspectives (sociological, religious, philosophical, political, historical); the politics of memory as related to issues of gender, race, and national identity; theoretical issues (philosophical discussion of limit events, the representability and transmissibility of trauma and memory, the interpretation and rethinking of memory and trauma in the postcolonial situation, memory in the social sciences. collective vs individual memory).


We warmly invite faculty and graduate students working on these issues to join us in this new project. If you are interested in participating and presenting, feel free to contact us.


Antje Postema (
Slavic Languages & Literatures
PhD candidate

Chiara Montanari (
Romance Languages & Literatures
PhD candidate