CFP: "On the Edge: An Interdisciplinary Forum on Innovation, Modernity, and Trends"

'On the Edge”:  An Interdisciplinary Forum on Innovation, Modernity, and Trends


The University of Virginia
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures
March 29 - 30, 2019
Keynote speaker: Eliot Borenstein


The modern world is punctuated by periods of innovation, revolution, and change. As we conceive of monumental breakthroughs throughout history and across cultures, we look to individuals and movements that have challenged the status quo and broke with accepted norms and traditions. This forum is dedicated to challenging contemporary and historical perceptions and values, identifying outlying ideas and trends, and investigating tensions between the old and the new. How do emerging trends, innovations, and new social outlooks affect our thinking and our society? How do revolutions and uprisings help us understand our particular milieus and our global world? What are the interrelationships between political, economic, scientific, and social change?


The Society of Slavic Graduate Students at University of Virginia invites papers from different disciplines that examine social and cultural shifts, trends, and transitions. We encourage submissions from diverse fields such as literature, politics, public policy, environmental science, data science, biology, geology, physics, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, history, art and art history, and area studies. This forum aims to bring together scholars at all stages in their research to discuss and investigate modernity and the contemporary and to question the broad conceptualization of what it means to live and to create in the modern era.


Creativity in interpreting the forum topic is encouraged. Possible paper topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

●       Evolving cultural norms
●       Ideological frontiers
●       Rebellions, uprisings, and civil rights movements
●       Literary and art movements
●       Style and fashion
●       Countercultures, subcultures, and the underground
●       Innovative forms of creative expression (visual art, performance)
●       Globalization and new modes of linguistic expression (slang, language change)
●       Integration of technology and science in new areas of life
●       Scientific and medical discoveries
●       The Internet, the Cyber Frontier, and social media


●       Abstracts (250-300 words) must be submitted by February 15, 2019
●       Please include a few sentences at the end of your abstract that connect your research to the conference theme



Please send your questions and proposals to Further information about the conference, SGSS, and the UVA Slavic Department can be found at