CFP: Laboratory of Archaeographical Studies (LAI) at the Ural Federal University (UrFU) conference ‘8th Ural Archaeographical Readings’


The Laboratory of Archaeographical Studies (LAI) at the Ural Federal University (UrFU) invites participants to attend the international academic conference ‘8th Ural Archaeographical Readings’, which will proceed in Ekaterinburg on 11-13 October 2018.

Using a wide definition of the term ‘archaeography’, the conference programme will include discussion of all issues connected with the history of the creation, existence, collection, maintenance, description, and scholarly distribution of literary artefacts and historical sources.

Basic Themes of the Conference:
The study of old printed books and manuscripts (medieval and modern tradition in Russia and Europe): historical, philological, and artistic aspects.
The history of printing
The history of collections and libraries; issues related to cataloguing
The history of religious culture (icon painting, the medieval Russian musical tradition)
The history of Old Belief and its contemporary condition
Source studies
The maintenance and protection of literary artefacts
A round table will be held on the theme ‘Modern Problems of Archaeography’

Speakers will have 20 minutes to present their papers.
Working languages: Russian and English

Applications will be accepted up until 1 May 2018: papers must be submitted before 31 May 2018. They will be published electronically prior to the beginning of the conference on the Laboratory’s website ( and included into the Russian Index of Academic Citations (RINTs). The organising committee reserves the right to select papers for publication.
Participants should bear the costs of travelling to and staying in Ekaterinburg. We kindly ask you to communicate to us in advance about whether you need a hotel, the proposed length of your stay, and the price range you are looking for. You can independently book a hotel in Ekaterinburg via the Internet. We would recommend Hotel Ural (Ekaterinburg, ulitsa Michurina 57, When booking with this hotel, please add the comment “UrFU, Archeographical Readings” (“УрФУ. Археографические чтения”), since the university has a partnership with them.

Organising Committee
Dmitrii Vital’evich Bugrov, first rector of UrFU; chair of the organising committee
Petr Ivanovich Mangilev, rector of the Ekaterinburg Orthodox Ecclesiastical Seminary
Rudol’f Germanovich Pikhoia, doctor of history, chief research fellow at the Institute of Russian History (Russian Academy of Sciences)
Irina Viktorovna Pochinskaia, doctor of history, head of LAI, deputy chair of the organising committee
Aleksei Vladimirovich Sirenov, doctor of history, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor at St Petersburg State University

Executive committee:
N. V. Anufrieva, head of the LAI archive, research fellow
S. A. Beloborodov, senior research fellow
Iu. V. Borovik, senior research fellow
A. A. Mikheeva, junior research fellow
A. S. Palkin, senior research fellow
I. V. Pochinskaia, doctor of history, head of LAI
N. S. Shcherbakova, junior research fellow, LAI restorer
J. M. White, PhD, senior research fellow

Applications and papers should be sent electronically to with the subject line ‘Conference Application’. If you have any questions, please write to and The organising committee reserves the right to select applications for participation in the conference.

The application must contain the following information:
Forename, surname, patronymic (if applicable)
Academic degree
Place of work
Telephone number
Whether you need a hotel booked for you
Theme of the paper
An abstract no more than 250 words in length

Non-Russian applicants who require an official invitation letter to obtain a visa should also send a copy of their passports with this email.

Technical requirements for papers
The papers must contain the following: 1) the name, surname, and patronymic of the author; 2) data about the author – academic degree, position, and an email address; 3) the title of the article; 4) an abstract in Russian no longer than 2,000 characters which specifies the aims, methods, and results of the paper and emphasises the original and important aspects of the research; 5) 5-7 key words in Russian; 6) the text of the paper; 7) a list of the primary and secondary sources used; 8) a list of abbreviations; 9) illustrations and relevant information (title, artist name, date, etc.); 10) transliteration of your forename, surname, and patronymic into Latin script; 11) a list of primary and secondary sources in English.
In general, the length of the text should not exceed 20,000 characters, including spaces. It should be written in MS Word in Times New Roman 12 with single-line spacing. The margin parameters should be: left - 2.5cm, right – 1cm, header and footer – 2cm. Page numbers should be in the bottom right-hand corner. Titles should not be capitalised. Tables should be in MS Word as part of the main text.