Crossroads Eurasia Summer 2018 Internship Program in Russia

Crossroads Eurasia is now accepting applications for its 2018 summer internship program in Russia.


What is Crossroads Eurasia?
Crossroads Eurasia is about living Russia, not just studying it. Students often don’t realize that summer language courses are only one way to immerse themselves in the Russian language and culture. Founded in 2010, Crossroads Eurasia aims to get more students to discover Russia directly, via a work experience -- teaching English, doing translation, or working as a camp counselors.


What you get:
- Resume worthy work experience
- Relaxed vibe of a provincial Russian city
- Live, work, relax like a local
- Real friendships with Russians your age
- Locally based coordinator
- Career advice and alumni network


The application deadline is 15th March 2018. We fill spots on a rolling basis, so apply early. Discounts are also available to early applicants. 


For more information and to apply