Emir Kusturica's UNDERGROUND - Gene Siskel Film Center

FEBRUARY 3, 5, 7

1995, Emir Kusturica, France/Serbia, 170 min.
With Miki Manojlović, Lazar Ristovski, Mirjana Joković.
Kusturica's flamboyant, frenetic epic traces the inglorious history of Yugoslavia through the comic adventures of two boozing, brawling buddies, the naïve Blacky and the opportunistic Marko. During WWII, they go underground into a vast cellar packed with refugees whom Marko exploits to manufacture contraband. During the Cold War, Marko keeps Blacky and the rest slaving away in the cellar, duped into believing that World War II has never ended-an audacious metaphor for the isolation and stagnancy of Tito's Yugoslavia. In Serbian with English subtitles. New 2K DCP digital restoration.