Faculty-led, accredited summer study in Georgia: Foodways | Footways | Internships

This summer 2019, students curious about Georgia, interdisciplinary
approaches to food studies, the post-Soviet region, eco-tourism,
physical geography, and economic development should consider one, two,
or all three of the programs that I'm leading through SRAS, partnering
with NovaMova in Kyiv.


Full-time summer study requires six credit-hours of coursework. For
the first time, this summer many federal and state financial aid
programs (e.g.,Pell) offer financial assistance to students who are
enrolled in full-time, accredited study. By combining these three
consecutive programs, students can attain full-time status at a very
low cost with a high educational value. Plus, Georgia.


+ |June 16-30| Georgian Foodways: Global Pathways/Local Contexts.  2 credits.

Travel throughout Georgia, housing, most meals, and US accredited
tuition included. Let's think about the complex national-cultural role
of wine and food, which have both separated Georgia from surrounding
nations and ethnicities, but also brought it into global economic
pathways. This program is one of the most affordable options for any
summer, accredited program.


Syllabus: http://bit.ly/GeorgiaFoodSyllabus
Program information: bit.ly/GeorgianFoodways


+ |June 30-July 14| Georgian Footways: Human Geography of the
Caucasus. 2 credits.

In the northwest corner of Georgia lies Svaneti, where the surrounding
mountains have helped to protect and preserve the region’s distinct
language and culture over the centuries. This course examines
questions surrounding economic development, the current environmental
and social issues facing the region, and efforts to preserve Svaneti’s
unique natural and cultural heritage. Again, we are offering this
program at very low cost: The program costs include housing in Tbilisi
and back country in Svaneti, meals, and tuition are included.


Program information: http://bit.ly/GeorgiaFoot


+ |July 14-August 1| NGO Internship at Tbilisi's Impact Hub. 2 credits.

Options include mapping/GIS related projects, collecting interviews
with people in Svaneti, multimedia/website content production, and
sustainable economic environment/tourism. For costs and details,
please contact me or Renee Stillings, rstillings@sras.org.


Please direct requests for more information about any of these
programs to me, michaeladenner@gmail.com.