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image: "Flag colors" A photo taken in Kherson Oblast, 2008, that captures the agricultural landscape in the vivid color's of Ukraine's flag. By Dobrych - Flickr


This webpage was designed to provide resources on the current events in Ukraine and background information on the country; it is far from an exhaustive investigation behind the current situation and is no longer being updated.


note: This webpage is designed to provide resources and background information. The views, opinions, and ideas expressed in the linked material do not reflect those belonging to CEERES.



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Image: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) - Ukraine Locator Map (ReliefWeb), ESRI, UNCS


Background & History of Ukraine & Crimea


Information on Travel & Study Abroad

  • SRAS covers the the current state of study abroad to Russia and Ukraine, including the current political situation, visa issues, and more.

Ukraine Related Public Events, Cultural Events, and Venues in Chicago


Scholarly Viewpoints in the Media and Blogosphere


Recent Talks, Lectures, and Conferences at Institutions and Universities

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Recent Scholarly Articles & Books

  • Ab Imerio 3/2014, Forum sections: "Ukraine and the Crisis of "Russian Studies": Participant observation of History in the Making" and "Debating Interpretive Frames"
  • Euxeinos: Governance and Culture in the Black Sea Region  17/2015, "Religion and Political Crisis in Ukraine," Guest Editor, Catherine Wanner
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