Imagining Utopia: The Lost World of European Socialists at Europe's Margins

February 27, 2020 at 5pm
Social Sciences Tea Room
1126 East 59th Street, Room 201



Maria Todorova’s new book is
devoted to the ‘golden age’ of the
socialist idea, surveying the period
of the Second International. It
examines the promise for an alternative
socialist utopia, moving
beyond traditional historiographical
emphasis on ideology, into
intersections of spaces, generations,
genders, ideas and feelings, and
different flows of historical time.

Maria Todorova is the Edward
William and Jane Marr Gutgsell
Professor of History and Center of
Advanced Study at the University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
She teaches and researches the
history of Eastern Europe, the
Balkans, and the Ottoman Empire
in the modern period. Her book
Imagining the Balkans (1997),
reinvigorated the field of Balkan/
Southeast European studies and
continues to provide the paradigm
for the field.