Indiana University Expanded Online Summer Language Workshop 2020

To help students whose summer plans have fallen through, Indiana University is expanding its student support for online study in summer 2020.


The Title VIII graduate fellowship program now supports the online study of Russian 3-6, Azerbaijani, BCS 1-2, Estonian, Hungarian, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Lithuanian 1-2, , Turkmen, Ukrainian, and Uzbek.


The AABS and BALSSI programs now support the online study of Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian 1-2 in BALSSI, the Baltic Studies Summer Institute, for undergraduates and graduates alike.


While each Workshop program is unique, all offer 2 semesters of intensive instruction over a 2-month period, with integrated online cultural enhancement programs.


Course details: .

Since courses differ in schedule, cost, credit, hours of instruction, & co-curricular options, details are listed separately on each course’s webpage. To get full details on a course, use the link above to navigate its page.

Funding details: .

Application deadline: May 8.

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