Kennan Institute Fellowship Opportunities and Internships, Wilson Center

The Kennan Institute offers four types of fellowship opportunities.

  1. Galina Starovoitova Fellowships on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution are available to citizens of the Russian Federation who have successfully bridged the worlds of ideas and public affairs to advance human rights and conflict resolution.
  2. Title VIII Research Scholarships and Short-Term Grants are available to scholars who are U.S. Citizens;
  3. Fulbright-Kennan Research Scholarships are available to scholars in Russia and Ukraine.
  4. The Kennan Institute offers paid research assistant positions lasting three to nine months for undergraduate, graduate, and prospective graduate students who are U.S. citizens.



In addition, Woodrow Wilson Center Fellowships are also available to scholars studying Russia, Ukraine and other states in the region.



For more information about these fellowship and internship opportunities, please visit the Wilson Center website.


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