New Book edited by Tomasz Kamusella, Motoki Nomachi (Hokkaido University, CEERES Associate), and Catherine Gibson

The Palgrave Handbook of Slavic Languages, Identities, and Borders edited by Tomasz Kamusella, Motoki Nomachi, and Catherine Gibson and Published by Palgrave Macmillan presents and analyzes the creation of languages across the Slavophone areas of the world and their deployment for political projects and identity building, mainly after 1989.

The overview concludes with a reflection on the recent rise of Slavophone speech communities in Western Europe and Israel. The book brings together renowned international scholars who offer a variety of perspectives from a number of disciplines and sub-fields such as sociolinguistics, socio-political history and language policy, making this book of great interest to historians, sociologists, political scientists and anthropologists interested in Central and Eastern Europe and Slavic Studies. Included in this collection is an essay by CEERES Associate Motoki Nomachi. 

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