New Faces in East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies

Meet the new faculty and researchers on campus in 2015-2016 and follow the links below to check out their work on East Europe, Russia, and Eurasia!

Leah Feldman, Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature - Twentieth century Russian and Azeri Turkic poetics and theatre; Marxist aesthetics; postcolonial theory; semiotics; narrative and translation theory.

James A. Johnson, Lecturer, Anthropology - Archaeological method and theory; archaeometry, GIS, material culture analysis, ancient technology, urbanism, temporality, tradition, history, contingency and chance, community; Eastern Europe, Northern Central Asia.

James Osborne, Assistant Professor in Anatolian Archaeology, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations - Anatolia, Early Bronze and Iron Ages, settlement patterns, GIS

Konstantin Sonin, Professor, Harris School of Public Policy - political economics, development, and economic theory. Sonin writes a blog on Russian political and economic issues and a fortnightly column for the Russian-language newspaper Vedomosti and the English-language Moscow Times.

Olha Kolomyyets, Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow in Ethnomusicology, Department of Music - Olha comes to us from Ukraine (Lviv).

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