Online Resources for BCS — Spring 2020

In light of this and many other universities transition to online/distance learning for the spring 2020 term in response to the international COVID-19 pandemic, CEERES has compiled this brief list of online resources for teaching Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian. If you are willing to share resources for this or another languages in the CEERES region please send them to In addition, a previously compiled list of CEERES related resource that is searchable by language and region is available at our Online Resources page. 


The CEELBAS Language Repository: B/C/S

A Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian Pre-Intermediate Online Course.


Introduction to the Life and Work of Ivo Andrić

A range of exercises and language learning tools related to the work of Ivo Andrić. 


Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian: A Grammar and A Textbook, 2nd edition

An introductory grammar and textbook of BCS fully avaliable online.