Opportunities to take language courses from CIC universities

Through the CourseShare Program, University of Chicago students can enroll in language programs—that are not offered on campus—through other CIC institutions (which include fourteen Big Ten schools).  These courses combine in-person and remote students via Skype. U of Chicago faculty will be offerning languages from East Europe, Russia, and Eurasia that include Armenian, Kazakh, Polish, Turkish, and Uzbek.  Course offerings from other CIC institutions include Czech, Romanian, Estonian, Hungarian, Kurdish, Mongolian, Tatar, Turkish-Azeri, Ukrainian, and Uyghur. A full list of available languages is available herePlease note that the institution offering the course sets the academic calendar, which means that students may be required to attend classes outside of the U of C academic calendar.


For more information, please visit the University of Chicago Language Center CourseShare website here