Russia Matters

Russia Matters is a Harvard-based project made possible by the Carnegie Corporation. Dedicated to U.S. policy toward Russia, U.S.-Russian relations and Russian policies that impact vital U.S. the website is a go-to resource for academics, journalists and government officials from around the world.


Among the top-notch analysis, curated news digests and repositories of data, we hope you will find a plethora of useful teaching and research tools, for example:


  • Explainers on topics ranging from Russia’s defense spending to the history of election meddling by the U.S. and Russia;
  • Timelines of U.S.-Russian nuclear security cooperation and other major events in the bilateral relationship;
  • Collections of insights and recommendations about Russia from major politicians and eminent thinkers, as well as experts’ reflections on lessons learned since the end of the Cold War;
  • An insightful “partisan perception chart” from Harvard’s negotiation program that helped Washington and Moscow find a common language in the 1980s;
  • A wide array of interactive factual data on Russia’s economy, demographics and more;
  • Fact-checks on a variety of contestable claims made in recent years, along with a growing debates feature to take on the thornier issues;
  • A blog featuring short takes on the latest developments;
  • And even an events section featuring upcoming conferences, seminars and more in Washington D.C., New York and the greater Boston area.