Summer Scholarships available for Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian



Please share this announcement about the University of Pittsburgh’s Summer Language Institute offerings and scholarships for Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Summer 2019, with any interested students or colleagues.


Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (Beginning-Advanced: FULL SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE!)


Accepting applications for SLI summer intensive language program! Students may continue to apply for the SLI and SLI scholarships until June 1, 2019 or until scholarship funds are depleted.


The Summer Language Institute ( at the University of Pittsburgh is proud to announce applications for Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian intensive language courses through domestic, study abroad, and hybrid program.




Highlights of SLI programs:

  • 2 semesters-worth of academic credit in one summer
  • Full scholarships available, even for out-of-state students!
  • Semi-immersive and immersive language environments
  • Cultural learning through films, lecture, singing classes, extra-curriculars, excursions, ethnic picnics, and more
  • A diverse student body of undergraduate and graduate students from institutions all around the country and highly-motivated adult learners

Direct contact info for application:

Lijljana Djuraskovic (

Kathleen Manukyan (