U of AZ 2018 Summer Program in Astana, Kazakhstan

The University of Arizona, in collaboration with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nazarbayev University, is now accepting applications for the 2018 Summer Program in Russian and Eurasian Studies in Astana, Kazakhstan. We particularly welcome undergraduate and graduate students whose research focuses on Post-Soviet Countries and Central Asia. We accept all types of funding.
Languages offered:
Russian (all levels)
Kazakh (elementary, intermediate)
Courses taught in English:
Students can enroll in one elective course in Eurasian Studies taught in English. In previous years, students were offered the following electives:
HST 100 History of Kazakhstan (6 ECTS or 3 Carnegie)
HST 104 Central Asian History II (6 ECTS or 3 Carnegie)
PLS 330 Politics and Governance of Eurasia (6 ECTS or 3 Carnegie)
WLL 122 Introduction to Russian Translation Studies (6 ECTS or 3 Carnegie) 
WLL 230 Survey of Post-Soviet Russian Literature and Culture (6 ECTS or 3 Carnegie)
KAZ 367 Practical Course in Kazakh Language and Culture (once a week on Fridays, can be taken concurrently with another elective) (non-credited)
The program dates are May 25-July 27 (9-week program, equivalent of one academic year) and 5-week programs: Session 1: May 25-June 30 (equivalent of one semester); Session 2: June 22-July 30 (equivalent of one semester)
The University of Arizona offers full health insurance coverage, pre-departure orientation and advising sessions, and 24/7 counseling services to all program participants.  Students can start the application process and find more information about the program, including its cost, course descriptions, and extra-curricular programming at https://global.arizona.edu/study-abroad/program/arizona-kazakhstan
Please note that the 2018 application deadline is February 25
All inquiries about the 2018 Summer Session in Astana can be directed to Dr. Liudmila Klimanova, Director of the Arizona-in-Kazakhstan Program (klimanova@email.arizona.edu) and Dr. Victoria Thorstensson, Director of SSRES at Nazarbayev Univeristy (victoria.thorstensson@nu.edu.kz).

Liudmila Klimanova, Ph.D.
Director of The Arizona-in-Kazakhstan Program
Department of Russian and Slavic Studies
University of Arizona