University Consortium at Harvard: Week-long training in Euro-Atlantic relations

We are currently organizing a second iteration of the University Consortium module—a week-long program of intensive training on issues related to Euro-Atlantic relations. The module, funded by the Carnegie Corporation, seeks to create a strong network of graduate students, and particularly master’s students, in our field. The consortium itself consists of two American universities (Harvard and Columbia), two European universities (Frei and Oxford) and two Russian universities (MGIMO and HSE), and graduate students from these schools form the foundation of the audience at the module events. We have the opportunity to include up to 6 additional US-based Masters students. I’m writing to you today to invite your Masters candidates to join us at the Harvard-hosted module, which will take place March 3-9, 2018 in Cambridge, MA.

Our Euro-Atlantic week will have a number of components that could be valuable for your students including the following:
•         A 5-hour negotiation simulation devoted to the conflict in eastern Ukraine (Saturday, March 3)
•         Daily class sessions with Igor Istomin, Professor of International Relations, MGIMO
•         Daily public seminars on Euro-Atlantic issues
•         The opportunity to sit in on some of our classes
•         Meals with graduate students from a number of universities, and some of the speakers
•         The opportunity to use Harvard’s library resources

I’ve attached the draft program as it currently stands.  There are some details that remain to be confirmed, but the outline is pretty firm, and I feel comfortable saying that we will keep everyone thinking and out of trouble.  I am also attaching an overview of the consortium and the module program, for your information.

We will provide participating students with lodging in shared rooms (3 to a room) at a local inn and all event meals. Round-trip travel and ground transportation to and from Boston will have to be arranged and paid for by the student or university sponsor.

To nominate a student to participate in the module, please send us an email no later than February 20th with that student’s name, CV and brief 1-paragraph biography. If we have more than 6 interested students, we will defer to students who have a demonstrated interested in Euro-Atlantic Relations.

For information or to RSVP participants, contact:

Cris Martin
Outreach Director
Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies
1730 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 495-5852