Velvet Revolutions - Lecture by the Czech Academy of Science Professors

On Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 7 PM, the TGM is hosting a lecture by oral history experts and professors from the Czech Academy of Science. Authors Miroslav Vaněk and Pavel Mücke will present their book "Velvet Revolutions: An Oral History of Czech Society" published last year by the Oxford University Press. It crafts a multi-layered view of Czech society in between 1968 and 2013 and describes the society transformation following the Velvet Revolution through voices of ordinary people. Please see the attached flyer for more details.


The hardcover "Velvet Revolutions" will be available for purchase at $35.


The event is co-organized by the TGM and the Department of Sociology, Andragogy and Cultural Anthropology at Palacký University Olomouc and sponsored by the Capek Project.


Click here to read a short book review published by the Council on Foreign Relations and here for an  interesting interview with Miroslav Vaněk in Czech.