Russia and Belarus

Filosofia: An Encyclopedia of Russian Thought

Filosofia: An Encyclopedia of Russian Thought is an online resource for Russian and Soviet philosophy from the period roughly 1950-the present.


This encyclopedia hosts scholarly entries on prominent thinkers and concepts in Russian and Soviet philosophy, with an emphasis on the period from 1950 to the present. Entries are organized by keywords.


Heart of a Dog

Heart of a Dog (Russian: Собачье сердце, translit. Sobachye serdtse) is a black-and-white 1988 Soviet television film directed by Vladimir Bortko. It is based on Mikhail Bulgakov's novel Heart of a Dog.

Translit in Translation #2

Founded in 2005, [Translit] is an independent small press publishing and a literary and theoretical journal presenting a community of artists, poets, philosophers and humanities scholars. By publishing poems, criticism, theoretical essays, and graphics, the Journal’s editorial board seeks to thematize various fields of confrontation in modern literary theory and literary process, addressing broad artistic, academic and activist contexts.

It's No Good

It's No Good by Kirill Medvedev
Ugly Duckling Presse

Reported Speech

Reported Speech by Pavel Arseniev
Cicada Press

Reported Speech, a bi-lingual edition of Pavel Arseniev’s (Saint Petersburg) poetry with an introduction by Kevin M.F. Platt (University of Pennsylvania) 

The Tolstoy Commons: A Companion Website to the Tolstoy Studies Journal

The Tolstoy Commons is an online community designed to foster conversations about the Russian author Lev Tolstoy and to serve as a clearinghouse for scholarly activity related to his life and works. We welcome announcements of new books, articles, reviews, and conferences, as well as discussions of new pedagogical approaches to teaching Tolstoy.  Suggestions for announcements may be sent to Ani Kokobobo at


The Tolstoy Commons is also working on two new initiatives:


The Russia File

The Russia File, a blog of the Kennan Institute (Wilson Center). The blog offers insights on current events in Russia, U.S.-Russian relations, and other critical issues of the day. The blog is edited by Maxim Trudolyubov.


Sean's Russia Blog

Sean’s Russia Blog is a rich forum for discussion on cultural issues ranging from a conversation with Yuri Slezkine (The House of Government: A Saga of the Russian Revolution) and Maria Belodubrovskaya (Not According to Plan: Filmmaking under Stalin) to deaf culture (Claire Shaw) and internal colonization (Steve Sabol).

Russia Matters

Russia Matters is a Harvard-based project made possible by the Carnegie Corporation. Dedicated to U.S. policy toward Russia, U.S.-Russian relations and Russian policies that impact vital U.S. the website is a go-to resource for academics, journalists and government officials from around the world.



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