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Look What Came from Russia

Our lives are full of objects, inventions, customs, and words that originated in other countries. This book, part of an elementary-level multicultural series explores, in very simple fashion, the foods, words, inventions, tools, customs, toys, games/sports, animals, religions, holidays, fashions, dance, theater, music, and crafts that Russia has contributed to the world.

Russian ABCs: A Book about the People and Places of Russia

Privyet! Welcome to Russia! Come along on this ABC adventure through the biggest country on Earth. Read about diamond studded eggs, the deepest lake in the world, and other fascinating facts.

Russian Picture Word Book

This delightful learning aid contains 15 scenes of home, school, farm, beach, park, classroom, and other common environments - with more than 500 objects labeled in Russian. Complete list of Russian words and English translations included at back of book. Fun-filled, effective way for students of Russian to build and strengthen their vocabulary skills.

Girl of Kosovo

As in her Adem's Cross, Mead places a human face on the Kosovo crisis by focusing on an Albanian family ravaged by war. Even after her father and brothers are killed and her leg is gravely injured in a Serb attack, 11-year-old Zana, the narrator, struggles to heed her father's advice: "Don't let them fill your heart with hate.

How I Learned Geography

Having traveled a long way from their homeland, a boy and his family are living in poverty in a strange new country. The boy has no toys and no books, and food is scarce. Instead of bread his father brings home a map and hangs it on the wall. Suddenly, without ever leaving the room, the boy is transported to exotic places. In this 2009 Caldecott Honor book, based on his memories of World War II, Uri Shulevitz tells how a map and his imagination took him far away from his hunger and misery.

The Mitten

Based on a Ukrainian folktale, this beloved story book tells the unexpected tale of a young boy's lost mitten and the animals that decide to make it home.

The Wall: Growing Up behind the Iron Curtain

In this Caldecott Honor book, Peter Sis draws us into the world that shaped him - Czechoslovakia during the Cold War. Behind the Iron Curtain were many people who wanted to be free. And as Peter grows up, he becomes one of them. He tells his story in pictures and memories, from a happy childhood to adolescence, when news from the West slowly filters into the country. Peter and his friends hear about blue jeans, Coca-Cola, beat poetry, rock'n'roll... and the Beatles! We feel the pull of the free world's forbidden fruits and sense the excitement as barriers are lifted.

Russian Grammar Cards

Russian Grammar - Great for when it's time to put the words together! The grammar study set allows reiteration of language rules including word usage, gender, tense and more.

Russian Vocabulary Cards

A quick and easy way to build a 1,000 word vocabulary of the most commonly used words in Russian. Words are selected by active teachers and professors from correlated beginning texts, bridging needs for both reading and speaking.

Russian Duo

From Russian roots to classical favorites, from gypsy to ragtime, the Russian Duo is an magical collaboration between virtuoso balalaika and concert piano, creating a vibrant, cross-cultural musical experience.